I'm Rhys and this is my website.

It's pretty sparse, but growing. It'll primarily feature blog posts and photography albums.

I'm a Fuji street and protest photographer, currently down to just an X-T5 and several old film cameras. I'm not a professional and I'm not inclined to try to make money from my work. Unless explicitly otherwise stated with any of the photos I post here, they're all taken and owned by me, and available per Creative Commons CC BY-SA.

Professionally I'm an Enterprise Architect working in telecomms. I began with an abortive attempt at a PhD in areas including networking, security, and AI, and have since worked across defence, government, finance, energy, and telecomms, mainly in consulting and architecture roles.

I'm a massive nerd who lives for cool tech. I'm an enthusiastic Linux and F/OSS advocate. I'm currently very big into de-clouding, self-hosting, and clawing the web back from cloud-providers and tech-giants.

I'm also politically engaged, having been a Labour Party member for most of my life, and a strong haver-of-opinions on news, politics, and writing.

I aim to blog about all these subjects, as well as the act of building this site out. It's all built in Django, with as few dependencies as possible. I aim to have as little JavaScript usage as I can get away with, and I won't be monitoring 'engagement' in any way.